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Want to know if we are having practice or not? Check here on the website! Green, practice is a go. Yellow, be on alert and check often. Red, practice is canceled. Green or Yellow and practice is happening.

Last Update: Fri, Sep 15 @ 04:44 PM

Practice is a go!

Registration 2018
Our 2018 is just around the corner! We have some changes this year, the biggest change is going to be our practice nights. Practice will now be on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Also, we will be holding registrations online. We will still be holding fittings days, so that we can figure out what sizes your player needs.

Please visit our FAQ page to get the answers to more of your questions.

  • Q: When is registration?
    A: Check back soon!
  • Q: When does the season start?
    A: Our first practice will be the end of July, check back for the official date.
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Southeasat Trojans Alumni

The Trojans were founded in 2012, we are to the point we are starting to have athletes who partcipated with the Trojans graduating High School. If you were part of the Trojans and have graduated already please let us know. We are extremely proud of those who have played for the Trojans!

The athletes below have participated with the Trojans, and participated as a Senior for their High School.

Graduating Class of 2018
Empire High School

Cienega High School