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Practice Status

Want to know if we are having practice or not? Check here on the website! Green, practice is a go. Yellow, be on alert and check often. Red, practice is canceled. Green or Yellow and practice is happening.

Last Update: Fri, Sep 15 @ 04:44 PM

Practice is a go!


Please visit our FAQ page to get the answers to more of your questions.

  • Q: When is registration?
    A: Registration is closed.
  • Q: When does the season start?
    A: Our first practice will be the end of July, on the 25th.
Registration Forms
Forms of Payment
  • Cash, Check, Money Order, Cashier's check. Make checks payable to 'SE Trojans'.
  • Now accepting credit cards! There will be a $5 fee per transaction.

Any questions, contact us.

Equipment Package

We will be offering an equipment package for 2017. The package includes a Xenith X2E+ Helmet and Shoulder Pads. The cost for this package is TBD.

Items for Registration
  • Returning tackle players need to bring their helmet and shoulder pads.
  • Your child so they can be fitted for their uniform.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (if new to SE Trojans).
  • Registration Form (form)
  • 2017 Dated Sports Physical (form) Due before the first practice.

** The birth certificate and physical must be turned in prior to the first day of practice. Failure to do so, will delay your child from participating in practice.

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Members Information

The information below is detailed in the Southeast Trojans Association Bylaws and supersedes all content found on this page.

The Trojans Association provides family membership for the participants in its youth football and cheer program. Individuals belonging to the General Membership may be granted membership to the Board. These individuals will promote the well being of the youth involved in the program, inspire the practice and ideals of sportsmanship, scholarship and physical fitness. Naturally, there must be openings available, you must express interest and commit to investing the time required to serve.

The SE Trojans also have Executive Officers. These Officers are nominated by Members and voted into office by the Members. The Executive Positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Athletic Director/Player Advocate, Cheer Director, Sponsor and Community Services Director. For complete job descriptions review the SE Trojans Association Bylaws. Nominations and elections are held every odd year at the May general meeting.

Execute Officers
  • President (duties): Chris Rogers
  • Vice President (duties): Ron Savageau
  • Secretary (duties): Tammy Barlet
  • Treasurer (duties): Colleen Bradley
  • Athletic Director/Player Advocate (duties): Tony Pugh
  • Cheer Director (duties): Holly Evens
  • Sponsor and Community Services Director (duties): VACANT