Be responsible for the complete supervision of the cheerleading coaches and squads. Must attend all board meetings or assign a representative to attend in her place. Responsible for ensuring that all Head Coaches are aware of all events, schedule changes, and board meetings. Establish budget for cheer uniforms, placing uniform orders in a timely manner and issuing uniforms. Approval of cheerleading coaches and team moms/parents. Maintain and enforce proper conduct and behavior of coaches and cheerleaders at all events. Investigating and resolving complaints against a cheerleader, cheer coach or other volunteer. Responsible for collecting all monies from cheerleading coaches in regards to accessories, events, etc. Planning and scheduling of all cheerleading events such as cheer camps, opening day dance practices, etc. Works in conjunction with the rest of the Board to coordinate cheerleading registrations. Should attend as many registrations as possible. Responsible managing/organizing the assignment of new cheerleaders to squads.