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Practice Status

Want to know if we are having practice or not? Check here on the website! Green, practice is a go. Yellow, be on alert and check often. Red, practice is canceled. Green or Yellow and practice is happening.

Last Update: Fri, Sep 15 @ 04:44 PM

Practice is a go!

Registration 2018
Our 2018 has started! We have some changes this year, the biggest change is going to be our practice nights. Practice will now be on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Also, we will be holding registrations online. We will still be holding fittings days, so that we can figure out what sizes your player needs.

Please visit our FAQ page to get the answers to more of your questions.

  • Q: When is registration?
    A: Register now! Click the button on the right, or click here Register Online.
  • Q: When does the season start?
    A: Our first practice will be July 23rd.
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Football & Cheer Coaches

Below are the SE Trojans coaches for each division. For the most part each Football division has two (2) teams, a Gold and Maroon. All SE Trojans Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are Heads Up certified.

  • Football Coaches
    • Flag Division
      • Gold: Branden Kelly
      • Maroon: Jamie Stock
    • Mighty Mites Division
      • Gold: Matt Tanner
      • Maroon: Tony Pugh
    • Pee Wee Division
      • Gold: Chris Rogers
      • Maroon: Ron Savageau
    • Midgets Division
      • Gold: Jaime Garcia
      • Maroon: Jake Lambert
  • Cheer Coaches
    • Flag
      • Gold: Vacant
    • Mighty Mite
      • Gold: Vacant
    • PeeWee
      • Gold: Vacant
    • Midgets
      • Gold: Vacant