Practice Status

Want to know if we are having practice or not? Check here on the website! Green, practice is a go. Yellow, be on alert and check often. Red, practice is canceled. Green or Yellow and practice is happening.

Last Update: Fri, Sep 15 @ 04:44 PM

Practice is a go!


Please visit our FAQ page to get the answers to more of your questions.

  • Q: When is registration?
    A: Registration is closed.
  • Q: When does the season start?
    A: Our first practice will be the end of July, on the 25th.
Registration Forms
Forms of Payment
  • Cash, Check, Money Order, Cashier's check. Make checks payable to 'SE Trojans'.
  • Now accepting credit cards! There will be a $5 fee per transaction.

Any questions, contact us.

Equipment Package

We will be offering an equipment package for 2017. The package includes a Xenith X2E+ Helmet and Shoulder Pads. The cost for this package is TBD.

Items for Registration
  • Returning tackle players need to bring their helmet and shoulder pads.
  • Your child so they can be fitted for their uniform.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (if new to SE Trojans).
  • Registration Form (form)
  • 2017 Dated Sports Physical (form) Due before the first practice.

** The birth certificate and physical must be turned in prior to the first day of practice. Failure to do so, will delay your child from participating in practice.

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Southeast Trojans FAQ
  • Q: When is registration?
    A: Registration is closed.
  • Q: What is included with the registration fee?
    A: Football players will receive a custom jersey with their name on the back, and game pants they get to keep. Cheer will receive a cheer uniform they get to keep as well.
  • Q: What about football equipment?
    A: You will be responsible for purchasing the helmet and shoulder pads. We do offer a package deal, the package is $195, you can also buy just the helmet ($155) or the shoulder pads ($50). When you buy the equipment, it's taken better care of and you always know where it's been during the off-season. After the initial purchase of the equipment, you will be able to use it every year until your child grows out of it. You will also need to purchase practice pants, jersey, athletic supporter, cleats and mouth piece. If you break down the cost of buying your own equipment, and figure getting about 3 years out of the equipment then your average cost per year to play football is very comparable, if not better, than other leagues around town.
  • Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
    A: We accept cash, check, money orders, and cashier's check. We now accept credit cards, but there is a $5 transaction fee.
  • Q: When is camp and how much is camp?
    A: The 5th annual Trojans camp will July 18th, 19th and 21st. The price is $40.
  • Q: What is needed for camp?
    A: Camp participants need to bring a water bottle, and wear comfortable cloting. Football particpants should wear cleats, although this is not required. Cheer participants can wear tennis shoes.
  • Q: When is practice?
    A: Practices are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nigths.
  • Q: Where is practice?
    A: Practices are held at Purple Heart Park from 6 to 8PM. Some times may vary, coaches discretion.
  • Q: When does the season start?
    A: Our first practice will be the end of July, on the 25th.
  • Q: How long is the season?
    A: Football games will end the last weekend in October, there are chances we could pick up a game or two in November. Cheer will end mid-November, after their Cheer Competition.
  • Q: Do the Trojans have home games, where, and how many?
    A: Yes, the SE Trojans have home games. These games are played at Empire High School and we host 4-5 home games per team.
  • Q: Where are away games, and how many?
    A: The Trojans travel to Cochise County to play their away games. There can be 3-4 games on the road. Destinations can be Benson, Sierra Vista, Willcox, Bisbee, or Douglas.
  • Q: When will the schedule be out?
    A: We anticipate having the schedule about the 3rd week of August. Once the schedule comes out it will be for the entire season and will most likely not change.
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  • Q: Who monitors the weather during practice?
    A: The Athletic Director (AD) will monitor the weather. If lightning gets within 5 miles of the practice fields the AD will call practice.
  • Q: When will uniforms be handed out?
    A: The game uniforms will delivered prior to our first game in September.

If you do not find an answer to your question, please submit your question here and we will respond to you personally and post it on our website, thanks!